How can I change the menu order on my CMS pages?

Last Modified Date: 7/21/2014 5:15 PM

To change the order in which your pages appear in your website's navigation, or to manage which pages will appear in your website's navigation for CMS hosted content, please navigate to Content > Page Manager. Your page manager pages reflect your menu items in the same order that they appear as long as they are set to "Show in Menu".

In Page Manager select the page you want to have show up in your menu (or create a new one by selecting Add New at the top of the screen) and click Page Properties > select Show in Menu and Viewable by Public in order to have a page appear in the menu.

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If you click Page Properties, the Page Name is the text that appears in the menu. Selecting Show Advanced Options,  will reveal the last option will be Redirect URL. This is the destination URL you can change for each menu item if your page was built somewhere other than HubSpot.

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To change where a page will appear in the navigation click on the page in page manager and drag the page to it's new location. Please note that your home page will then be the page at the top of the list. 

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