How do I add an image to my page

Last Modified Date: 6/18/2015 7:01 PM

Go to Content > Page Manager and click the page you want to add the image to > Click "Add Module" > Choose "Content Module" > Click "Edit" on the module, and click "Image" to insert an image.
After you save the module, you can click "Reorder modules" to change where that module is located

Here's how to add an image to your website pages:

1. Edit the module where you'll be adding the image

Click the orange Edit button above the module in which you'll be adding an image.

User-added image


2. Add the image

Click the Image icon in the toolbar.

User-added image


Click the Upload New Image tab. Select your file under Choose File and then Upload it.

User-added image


On the next screen, enter the keyword you're targeting on this website page as your ALT text. The ALT text helps search engines "read" your image, so using your target keyword will help engines like Google determine what this page is all about. Then choose the image alignment, and click Insert when you're done.

User-added image

3. Resize your image

Sometimes you won't need to resize your image. But other times the image will be too big, and you'll want to size it down. To do so, first click on the image. Then select Resize.

User-added image

*Note: If you're using a browser other than Internet Explorer or Firefox, you may have trouble resizing the image.

Use the knob to change the percentage size of the image to resize it to fit the space you want. When you're done, select Apply Changes.

User-added image