How do I create a Thank You page?

Last Modified Date: 7/21/2014 6:58 PM

If you are using HubSpot COS Landing Pages:

  • Navigate to Content Landing Pages > Create a Landing Page
  • Name your landing page and select a template that does not have a form, but does have a navigation.
  • Click Create Landing Page.
  • Once you are done creating your Thank You Page, click Publish.
  • Navigate back to the Landing Page that will precede your Thank You Page by clicking Back to: Landing Pages on the published Landing Page Details screen, then clicking to open the correct Landing Page.
  • Under What should the person see after submitting the form? select Redirect to another page, then choose the title of the Thank You page you just created from the drop-down.
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  • Save, then Publish or Update Page.
If you're using the HubSpot Classic CMS:
  • In HubSpot, navigate to Content > Page Manager > Add new page.
  • Review the Page Properties (e.g. do you want this page to by Viewable by public yet? Do want it to Show in menu?), Save Changes > View Page.
  • Edit the content of your Thank You Page.
  • Copy the URL of your Thank You page.
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  • Navigate to your Landing Page: Content > Landing Pages > Desired Landing Page.
  • On your Landing Page click Edit Actions directly below your form title.
  • Select the Redirect to another page radio button > Redirect to external URL...
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  • Paste the URL of your Thank You page into the box below "Enter URL:".
  • Click Use this URL.

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