How do I link to a PDF from a Thank You page?

Last Modified Date: 11/19/2014 4:46 PM

First, please navigate to Content > Content Settings and select File Manager under HubSpot Classic CMS Options. Once you are in the CMS File Manager, click Site Home > Upload files. User-added image

Select the PDF file from your computer and click Upload (Follow by refreshing the page once the upload is complete). Once the page has been refreshed, click on the PDF and select View/Edit File. Hover over the first link (begins with /Portals), right click and select Copy Link Location.
User-added image

Finally, navigate to the Thank You page and add this hyperlink to text or an image. Please note the same instructions apply to other files that you wish to link within a CMS page. 

Do the instructions above not work in your HubSpot account? If you are looking to link a PDF, or any other file, within a COS page instead the first step is to upload such file to the COS File Manager.

Please navigate to Content > Content Settings. Once in Content Settings you will want to click File Manager on the left, under Content Optimization System Tools. Drag your PDF into the designated area to upload it, or click Upload Files and choose it from your computer.

Next, navigate to the Thank You page of interest and highlight the text or image you want to link. As shown below, click the icon to insert a document link, and choose the appropriate file from the File Manager

User-added image