What are the different types of content modules on the HubSpot CMS?

Last Modified Date: 6/22/2014 5:29 PM

The different content modules with their definitions are listed below:

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  • Content: For use to house basic content on your site's pages. This content can be text, images, video, other media, etc... Each content module includes both a header/title, which is editable by simply clicking on it. This header is represented in HTML as your site's <H1> tag. The content module is the standard module that you should use for most content you add to your website.
  • Form: Add a basic form to your website. When you choose to add this module to your site, you'll be presented with a dropdown of which form to add. The forms in the dropdown are forms that you've already built in HubSpot's form builder application. If you want to add a new form (one that doesn't exist yet), choose "Create New Form" and you'll have the ability to build the new form at that point.
  • Whitepaper: Adding a whitepaper allows you to place a document for download behind a form. This is considered a best practice in terms of lead conversion. You can also perform this same functionality by linking to a document in the "Configure Form Actions" area of the HubSpot form builder.
  • HTML/JavaScript: This module allows you to add any HTML or JavaScript to your page. You have the ability to style this HTML by using the "Custom.css" file in your file manager.
  • Feed: Enables you to add items from an RSS feed to your website pages. This is useful if you want to add articles form a blog or other publication that has an RSS feed. Nice for adding news feeds, etc...
  • Follow Me Widget: The Follow Me Widget allows you to place links to your various social media accounts that you add to HubSpot.
  • Image Gallery: This widget adds an image gallery to your website page. There are two display styles and room for copy to go with the images.
To add any of these modules to your CMS Page(s), simply navigate to your Page(s) and click on any of the Add Module buttons located across the page. 

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