TUTORIAL: How to create a Thank You page and link it to your landing page

Last Modified: 05/15/2013
Author: Odette Santos
A Thank You page is a new page leads are taken to once they hit submit on your landing page form. Since a Thank You page is separate from your navigation-free landing page you can do one very important thing: give your leads their navigation back. Here's how to create a new Thank You page in HubSpot:

1. Go to Your Website Page Manager

Start at the Page Manager.

User-added image

2. Add a New Website Page

At the top of the screen, click the Add new page button.

Add New

3. Edit the Page Properties

Edit the properties of the page and make sure that 'Viewable by Public' is checked. In the Page Properties that appear on the right, name the page, and then click Show advanced options. You should not optimize your Thank You page for SEO purposes. 

Page Prop

Then make sure that Show in menu and Hide navigation are both unchecked.

Page Prop

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes, and then scroll to the top of the page and click View Page so you can edit your new Thank You page.

4. Edit the Content of your Thank You Page

Thank You pages should accomplish a few things:
  • Provide your new leads with their promised offer
  • Return your website navigation
  • Keep new leads engaged with your company through the use of CTAs
Begin your Thank You page with a message of thanks, and the offer itself. If it's a downloadable offer, make it very clear where the user should click to download the offer.

Then you can include CTAs that intend to keep leads on your site. You can try to direct them to the next offer in the buying cycle, to your blog, to informational pages, or even to your social media profiles. And since you'll also be giving them the site navigation back, they'll be free to explore the rest of your site.

Page Content

5. Copy the URL of your Thank You Page

While you're still on your Thank You page, find the URL in your browser bar and hit Ctrl+C to copy. You'll need this URL in step #6.


6. Configure Form Actions on Landing Page

Go back to the Landing Page this Thank You page should be connected to. On the landing page, click the button above the form that says Edit Form.

Edit Form

At the top of the page, click Configure Form Actions.

Configure Form Actions

Scroll down to the Or, redirect to the following URL field and paste in the URL of your thank you page.


Then scroll back to the top and click Save Changes.

Now that you've created your first Landing Page, form, Call to Action, and Thank You page, you've completed your first conversion path! Congratulations on all your hard work!

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