HubSpot CMS Guide: How to edit your font size

Last Modified: 10/31/2012
Author: Molly Wolfberg
There are a few different ways to edit the font size, depending on what font you're trying to change, as well as your CMS setup.

Option #1: Use heading tags

If you're trying to increase the font size of headers, or text  that you're using to separate blocks of paragraphs, you can use header tags. In the content module that you are editing, highlight the font you would like to make bigger click, then click More.

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Then select a format type. Heading 1 will be the largest font option, then Heading 2, and so on.

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Option #2: Change the base paragraph text


Find your Content Home.


Select Content Settings.

Select Website Template.

Click the Advanced Color and Font Selection tab.

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Scroll all the way down the page. The 5th item from the bottom is Base Font Size. Tweak the font size to increase or decrease your font size as you'd like. The base font size is represented in em's. The default is 1em. This works well for sans-serif fonts like Arial and Verdana, but if you are using a serif font like Georgia, you may want to increase this slightly to 1.1em

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Note that if you have a lot of custom CSS in place, it may be overriding the Base Font Size settings. If this is the case, you'll notice that when you make a change here, nothing will look different on your site! If this is the case, proceed to option #3.

Option #3: Modify your custom CSS file

If you do not already have a CSS file created, please follow these instructions to create your CSS file.

Once your CSS file has been created, enter this CSS code (change 14px to whatever you'd like your font size to be):

  font-size: 14px !important;

  font-size: 14px !important;

If paragraph (p) and span rules already existed in your code, search for those lines of code and then edit the font size.

Then save the file and refresh a page on your site to make sure the font size changed.

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