HubSpot CMS Guide: How to add a form to your website pages

Last Modified: 07/13/2012
Author: Molly Wolfberg

For the most part, you will be creating landing pages when you want to create a page that includes a form. But sometimes, you'll want to add a form to a website page that already exists. Here's how to do so.

1. Add a new module to your website page

Click the Add Module button above the space in which you would like to add a form.

User-added image

2. Add the form

Select Form from the list of module types.

User-added image

Then name your form, select an existing form from the dropdown (if you've already created this form for another page on your site), and click Save.

User-added image

3. Edit your form

If you need to make any edits to the form, click Edit Form and make any necessary changes within the form builder.

User-added image

For detailed instructions on how to edit your form, read the How to Create a Form section of the How to Create a Landing Page in HubSpot tutorial.

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