HubSpot CMS Guide: How to link to a document on your website

Last Modified: 07/13/2012
Author: Molly Wolfberg

If you've created a landing page offering a downloadable asset, you'll want to provide this asset on a Thank You page or in an automatic follow-up email. Here are instructions for how to add a document to a website page (via a hyperlink) (and you can follow Step #2 when setting up the follow-up email).

1. Edit the module in which you want to link to a document

Click the orange Edit button above the module with the text you'd like to link to a document.

User-added image

2. Add an attachment

Highlight the bit of text you'd like to turn into the hyperlink leading to the document. Then click the Attach icon in the toolbar.

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In the layover that appears, click Upload a new document.

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Click Choose File and find the document on your hard drive. Then click Upload new document.

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On the next screen, simply click Insert.

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Remember to save your module when you're done!

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