Which browsers are supported by HubSpot?

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HubSpot's supported browsers

You can use HubSpot on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux computers. To take advantage of all of HubSpot's features, you'll need to use one of the following supported web browsers:

Windows Supported Browsers

  • Google Chrome (latest version)*
  • Mozilla Firefox (latest version)
  • Internet Explorer (9 and above)

Mac Supported Browsers

  • Google Chrome (latest version)*
  • Safari (latest version)*
  • Mozilla Firefox (latest version)
*Note: Only partially supported for the CMS.  

Please note that Internet Explorer 8 is no longer fully supported by HubSpot. This will allow our development team to bring you excellent new features at a faster pace.

Also note that all code written by HubSpot's Technical Services Team, as part of a Migration or Custom Theme setup, will be supported by the previously mentioned browsers, as well as a variety of mobile browsers.

How to update your web browsers

It is generally a best practice to keep all of your web browsers updated to the latest version to ensure that any webpage you visit will render properly for you.

Here's a quick guide on updating to the latest version of the most popular web browsers. Note that the placement of settings buttons may vary if you have an older version of each browser.


Internet Explorer

Click the tools icon on the upper right-hand corner of the screen. If the option is available, click Windows Update.

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If it is not available, click the Start icon on your desktop menu, then search for "windows update." Select Windows Update. The latest version of Internet Explorer is included if you keep up to date with your Windows updates.

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Please refer to Microsoft's official instructions if necessary.

What to do if you can't update Internet Explorer

At some companies, employees do not have the admin rights on their computers to install software. If this is the case for you, it might be difficult or impossible to update to the latest version of Internet Explorer, or install a different browser. Instead you can add an app called Google Chrome Frame, which you can install even without computer admin access. It allows you to use modern browser features in older versions of IE.

Click here to go to Google Chrome Frame.

Then click Activate Google Chrome Frame, and on the following page click Accept and Activate.

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Google Chrome Frame will then be enabled, and HubSpot will be compatible with your older browser.

What to do if HubSpot's telling you you're using Internet Explorer 8 even though you're not

If you have Compatibility View turned on in IE9 or IE10, you may see the following error message in HubSpot:

"You're using Internet Explorer 8, which HubSpot doesn't support (more info). Please upgrade to a newer browser or install Google Chrome Frame to use HubSpot."

When you have Compatibility View turned on, our unsupported browser warnings will be shown because IE9 or IE10 is acting like an older browser. Click here to learn more about Compatibility View on Microsoft's website. To make this error message disappear, turn off Compatibility View.

If you are using one of the supported browsers and encounter any problems, please contact our support team.


Mozilla Firefox

Click on the Firefox drop-down in the upper-left hand corner of the browser. Then click Help > About Firefox.

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On the About screen, you will see if an update is available. If it is, click Apply Update.

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Google Chrome

Click on the settings icon (the wrench) on the upper right-hand side of the Chrome browser. You will then see an alert to Update Google Chrome if an update is available. Click on that alert to install the update.

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Apple Safari

Click the Apple icon at the top of your screen, and then click Software Update. You will then be able to see if there is an available Safari update.

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