How do I put a YouTube video on a CMS blog post or page?

Last Modified Date: 11/19/2014 10:09 PM

The following article contains instructions for sites built on HubSpot’s classic CMS.
Before you can embed the video on a HubSpot CMS blog post or page, you must obtain the video's embed code from YouTube:
  • Find your video on
  • Click Share > Embed.
  • Set the options you want for your video, including size.
  • Highlight the embed code, right-click and select Copy.
Now that you have the embed code, open the page or post you want to embed the video on in edit mode.
  • Locate content module that will hold the video you are embedding.
  • Click Edit to open the module.
  • Insert your mouse cursor within the content where the video should be inserted.
  • Select Video on the WYSIWYG options bar, and paste the embed code generated from YouTube into the box.

User-added image
  • Click the Insert button, followed by Save on the module to finish.